Staff Bios

 Staff of GAC TV

Elizabeth Weiers- News Director

1527000_10152535151674278_1900904856_nSenior, English

Other Activities: Track & Field

About Me: I didn’t actually know about GACTV until the fall Involvement Fair during my freshman year. It was one of the few things I signed up for, and I’m so glad I did! During my time at GAC TV, I have moved from editor to editor-in-chief to news director. Sometimes it can be a lot of work, but it’s always worth it when you get to watch it one the big screen!


Alaina Rooker-Story Coordinator/Reporter/Question of the Week Correspondent/Jack of all Trades


Junior, Communication Studies Major, English and Art Minor

Other Activities: St. Peter Recreational Soccer Coach, Gustavus Dining Services Employee, Big Partner Little Partner (really nothing, i’m barely involved)

A native from Saint Michael, MN, I will do anything for attention; that is why reporting for GAC TV has served me so well. After the retirement of our Master Commander News Director Ava Goepfort, I was a lost GAC TV puppy for awhile, but with the inauguration of the Great Liz Weiers, I will undoubtedly flounder no more. I can usually be seen eavesdropping on all conversations on campus at once, hunting through all the hot Gustie gossip to find out what GAC TV should cover next. But most of the time I’m doing homework or sleeping, because it is important to balance academia with the things you love most.


Nolan Arcos-Editor-in-Chief

Junior, No Declared Major

Other Activities:







Carl Cronin-Anchor

CarlSenior, Political Science

Other Activities: Greeters, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Recruitment Chair, Model United Nations, Gustie Guides, Ambassadors, GAC Democrats, and Crossroads

I became a member of GAC TV because I am already so active on campus I find it very exciting to be able to report on what other groups and people are doing on campus.  It is fun to see all the great things Gusties are doing and show what they are doing to the student body.  Additionally, it’s just a great time to be able to wear a suit, and work together with a great group!

Courtney Train-Reporter

Senior, Communications Studies

Other Activities: Womyn’s Awareness Center, Gustavus Greens, Divest Gustavus, Building Bridges

A Kansas native, I’m excited to be back on The Hill. I spent last Fall in India learning to be a better person and last Summer in Wichita, Kansas petitioning and canvassing for the Peace and Social Justice Center. I love theater, poetry, and performance, and I am ready for an amazing last year of college.



Audrey Shattuck- Editor



First-Year, Communication Studies

Other Activities: Campus Activities Board