Story of the Month: April 2009

The story of the month for April 2009 is Mary Cooley’s story on the concert controversy. She took the initiative to film the story on the day of the event, having been present at the concert, and did a great job at doing so.  Congratulations.

We would also like to say farewell to the seniors leaving GAC TV.  There is no doubt that their hard work has made a lasting impression and has helped ensure GAC TV’s success into the future.  Katie Mason, Luke Garrison, Alex Wauck, Dan Bauer, Allison Marten, and Tasha Carlson…. thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

Best of luck to Luke Garrison as he goes on to greater things, namely, his new position as producer at KSTP here in Minnesota.

Finally, congratulations to our new executive board members for next year:

Phil Helt, News Director
Sierra Krebsbach, Executive Producer
Jaimie Farel, Story Coordinator
Mary Cooley, Office Manager
Ethan Marxhausen, Editor-in-Chief
Kristin Kunz, Financial

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